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"CyberCop" to Feature ActivCard Technology

Network security software provider ActivCard S.A. announced today that Network Associates has incorporated ActivCard's security solution into its CyberCop product.

ActivCard's technology features a two-factor authentication process comprising a token, a device that looks like a small calculator, and a personal identification number (PIN).

Network Associates' CyberCop intrusion detection system is designed to protect networks by delivering full-time monitoring and alerting administrators with real-time alarms whenever a suspicious activity is detected.

ActivCard said its software will be embedded into the CyberCop Management Server. When combined, system administrators will employ the ActivCard token to access the CyberCop Management Server, gaining authorized entry into the system to investigate suspicious activity.

"We selected ActivCard for the CyberCop System because it provides a strong authentication solution," said Chip Mesec, director of product management for Network Associates' PGP Total Network Security division. "Our customers require the additional security that dynamic passwords can offer and which ActivCard provides."

Network Associates, a supplier of enterprise network security and management solutions, is scheduled to release CyberCop on February 27, 1998.