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BPCS Client/Server Optimized for IBM Net.Commerce

System Software Associates Inc. (SSA), an enterprise management system software vendor, said that its BPCS Client/Server now operates with IBM's Net.Commerce, an e-business solution for electronic commerce sites.

The object-oriented architecture of SSA's BPCS Client/Server permits seamless electronic commerce functionality with real-time links to IBM Net.Commerce, the company said.

"The need for real-time availability and order status information has become critical to electronic commerce success," said Bob Hoyt, SSA's general manager of Global Markets. "Information that may be as little as one second out of date could lead to costly business consequences when operating in an electronic commerce environment."

"It is critical to have the most current information supplied directly from its original source. BPCS Client/Server working with Net.Commerce makes this possible."

SSA's Electronic Commerce Manager and IBM's Java-based commerce extensibility framework and customized adapter serve as the interface between the BPCS Client/Server and IBM Net.Commerce.

SSA clients who license IBM Net.Commerce get an end-to-end solution that includes the dynamic and interactive flow of all transactions and other information necessary to electronically enable the entire business process, the company said.

SSA in New Orleans is the world's third-largest vendor of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to manufacturing and industrial companies, with more than 8,500 clients at over 25,000 sites.