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Interlynx Multimedia to Supply Web-Based Training for CIBC

Interlynx Multimedia, a subsidiary of Networks North, signed a $240,000 contract with the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) to provide Web-based training.

The training packages are for CBIC's Management, Accounting, and Reporting (MAR) project. MAR uses an OLAP application developed by Ottawa-based Cognos Inc. to replace monthly paper reports used by managers to monitor their accounts.

"In moving from paper based reporting to online analytical processing, CIBC is showing itself to be a leader in Canada in the use of information technology for financial and management accounting," said Dr. Gary Woodill, President of Interlynx Multimedia.

Interlynx will supply interactive online training content delivered by intranet, as well as a dedicated Web site.

The training application, to be delivered in July, uses simulations of various business scenarios, online discussions, and programmed instruction to teach bank staff how to use the Cognos OLAP application.

"We were looking for a company with a proven record in instructional design, experience in Web design, and the ability to work in a fast paced project environment," said Andrew Lonsbrough, Learning Developer, MAR Project.

"Interlynx Multimedia not only met these criteria but offered superior graphic design services, a willingness to be flexible, and the strategic expertise to guide CIBC Finance into the world of Intranet training."