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Netmosphere Introduces Project Home Page

Netmosphere announced Project Home Page, a new intranet/extranet-based business monitoring software application that lets senior executives monitor the status of multiple projects.

Using the Web, Java, and other Internet technologies, executives can now get updates on deliverables, resources and other important issues that affect their company.

Barbara Tallent, VP marketing at Netmosphere, said: "Project Home Page gives a company's top level executives and customers a window into how well it is completing projects. By providing visibility into which projects are on-schedule and which are stalled, we make it easy for companies to highlight problems for quick resolution and improve their process so that projects finish on time and on budget."

Netmosphere said there is no limit to the number of projects that Project Home Page can track. It receives status information in two ways: automatically, via the vendor's ActionPlan team-based project management software; and directly from project managers and team members.

The product's reporting format--with easy to understand graphical elements--is tailored to the needs of executives, team members, partners and customers.

Now available, Project Home Page can be purchased directly from the vendor. The Netmosphere Collaboration Server costs $10,000 for up to 500 users and $25,000 for up to 2000 users. Project Home Page editors cost $1000 per client, while the client software includes viewers at no charge.