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Atreve Delivers WebSpective Release 2

Atreve Software Inc. delivered WebSpective Release 2, addressing "the six essential needs" of Web operations management--traffic management, content distribution, crisis management and prevention, performance monitoring, data collection, and centralized site control and administration.

WebSpective increases the performance and availability of e-commerce Web sites, the company said, freeing corporate Web administrators from having to contend with server failure and costly downtime.

WebSpective Release 2 provides an "application-first" view from a centralized console to manage distributed Web applications, not simply host servers or networks.

Just announced, WebSpective Content Manager securely and intelligently distributes and synchronizes content updates across multiple live Web servers without sacrificing server availability during the update process.

WebSpective Traffic Manager provides intelligent load balancing across distributed Web servers in one or more geographies. It distributes Web-based connections based on the availability and load of the Web servers that comprise the site, routing traffic around slowdowns.

WebSpective Crisis Manager automatically resolves crisis situations by restarting failed Web servers and informing the Traffic Manager to route traffic around them while they're down. Also it prevents crises by predicting failures and taking proactive prevention measures, including alerting Web site administrators.

WebSpective Site Administrator gives operations personnel centralized observation, configuration and control of all of their Web servers and applications.

WebSpective Performance Monitor keeps its fingers on the pulse of a site's Web applications, Web servers, host machines and network interfaces, monitoring their load and performance metrics.

Finally, WebSpective SiteStats Manager centralizes the collection and logging of traffic and performance data for a site's Web applications, Web servers and host machines. The data is centralized in a relational database for flexible reporting and analysis.

Pricing for a complete WebSpective package is $15,000 per server. Atreve provides consulting services, training and 24-x-7 technical support. WebSpective runs on Sun Solaris 2.51 or higher and Windows NT 4.0 or higher, and integrates with Web servers that are Netscape (NSAPI) or Microsoft IIS (ISAPI) compliant.