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IBM Signs License Agreement for Internet Security

IBM Corp. Monday signed a license agreement with security firm Hi/fn that the companies hope will allow system administrators of corporate networks to breathe a little easier.

Hi/fn specializes in compression and encryption technology for networking original equipment manufacturers. The IPSECure package is designed to protect routers, access concentrators, switches and firewalls. It is compatible with a wide variety of systems and will work with equipment from all of the major network vendors, including Cisco, Ascend and 3Com.

"The Hi/fn implementation of the IPSec standards has undergone extensive interoperability trials with most major networking product vendors," says Gerry Young, IBM eNetwork firewall project office manager. "IPSECure will let us move faster in the Virtual Private Network (VPN) arena, mainly because we can introduce new products that adhere to agreed standards without undergoing a lengthy software development cycle."

The Hi/fn IPSECure Toolkits start at $100,000.

Based in San Jose, CA, Hi/fn, Inc. makes integrated circuits and software for manufacturers of computer networking products. It is a majority owned subsidiary of Stac, Inc.

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