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Factiva Introduces Publishing Solution

Factiva Tuesday unveiled a solution that allows businesses to integrate content from a variety of publishing partners into their intranets.

Factiva Publisher offers a global content set of nearly 5,000 external information sources including The Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones and Reuters newswires as well as other content published in 12 different languages and stock quotes from 10 exchanges around the world.

Scheduled to roll out this month, the suite uses more than 1,300 XML-based Factiva indexing codes to tailor information from hundreds of sources across the globe. Organizations have complete control of what is being posted to the corporate intranet through an editorial interface.

"We spoke with 300 customers around the world and they told us that content integration into their intranets was their first priority," said Clare Hart, president and chief executive officer of Factiva. "Intranets have become critical components of today's corporate information assets and Factiva Publisher gives companies the content they need to make their intranets true decision-making tools."

Simon Bradstock, marketing director at Factiva, said customer feedback played a large roll in deciding to roll out such a global solution.

"I don't know of other companies that are rolling out multi-language content in France, Hong Kong -- in over 30 countries around the world," Bradstock said. "We can roll out Publisher to 20,000 customers just like that."

Factiva, a joint venture between Dow Jones & Reuters, offers access to more than 7,000 sources from around the world. The firm's sources provide current news, historical articles going back up to 30 years, local-language articles, market research and investment analyst reports and stock quotes.

The venture was rechristened Factiva after Dow Jones and Reuters shed its original name, Dow Jones Reuters Business Interactive, last November.