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Infoseek Takes Search Expertise to Intranets

Infoseek Corp. Tuesday released two products designed to make it easier for corporations to find and categorize information stored on intranets.

Infoseek's Ultraseek Server Content Classification Engine organizes content stored on intranets into topics for faster and more accurate search results. The server also returns a list of related topics which helps users expand their search for information.

The company said the product eliminates the need for intranet information to be manually organized -- a process that is too time intensive for many organizations.

The server contains a variety of administration features allowing users to create new categories and import data into them.

Also released on Tuesday was Ultraseek Server version 3.0, Infoseek's intranet and Web site search and navigation engine.

New in the latest version is the ability to index documents created using the Extensible Markup Language, or XML, support for secure sockets layer encryption and the ability to easily manage information stored on mirror sites. Language support was also expanded to include Swedish, Danish, Finnish and Norwegian. In addition, users can confine searches to a specific date range.

"With Ultraseek Server 3.0 and the new CCE add-on, users can more easily find what they need -- even if they are not sure what they are looking for -- by using the familiar click-and-browse mode of search," said Andrew Feit, general manager of Infoseek Software.

"Web administrators can take advantage of the extreme scalability, automation and power Ultraseek Server offers and with our spider technology, manage millions of changing documents at their sites and have them appear to users in organized categories."

Pricing for Ultraseek Server 3.0 begins at $995. Ultraseek Server CCE starts at $4,995.