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Open System Extends Monitoring Software to VPNs

In a move keep up with increasing security concerns, Open System Solutions Inc. (OSS) Monday launched a new version of its Private I(t) software, designed to monitor virtual private networks.

Version 5.1 is designed to monitor and report on all traffic traversing firewalls, routers, and now VPNs. It captures raw system log output passively and stores all the information in a relational database. The software provides real-time alerting and historical reporting on WAN/LAN security attacks bandwidth deployment, device optimization, and employee use of Internet services.

Private I is designed to work with industry-standard Cisco IOS routers and switches, Cisco firewalls and specific VPN devices. The software runs on Microsoft Windows NT, Sun Solaris, and HP/UX. It includes the functionality of earlier versions, including Web traffic "watchdog" capabilities, extensive management reports, multi-level queries, historical SYSLOG storage, and data export to databases and spreadsheets.

"SYSLOG monitoring has mission-critical value within a VPN environment," said Lynn Mormann, president of OSS. "It is clearly the easiest and most effective way to watch network traffic, isolate critical events and troubleshoot problems."

The company also announced an agreement with RedCreek Communications Inc. to bundle Private I software in RedCreek RavlinNodeManager. Under terms of the agreement, OSS and RedCreek will also support Private I 5.1 on the full line of Ravlin products, including the recently introduced Ravlin IPSec Card for Windows NT.

"The ease with which users can set up and manage the new generation of VPN technologies makes it important to compliment them with powerful monitoring that is equally simple to use," says Agnes Imregh, Redcreek's vice president of marketing.