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Adaptive Media Releases Multimedia Server

Adaptive Media Inc. Thursday released Envision Enterprise 2.0 which allows companies to deliver high-quality video and complex computer-aided design files across corporate intranets.

Envision Enterprise 2.0 contains streaming technology capable of handling audio, video and 3-D models. It enables one server to handle a variety of complex multimedia functions.

Michael Pliner, Adaptive Media's president and chief executive officer, said the update is a logical evolution in the company's product line.

"As the overlap in the target markets for our two products grew larger, we recognized the potential of integrating video with CAD files. With this groundbreaking release, corporations are able to turn to one source for engineering design collaboration, customer design review and delivery of just-in-time visual information," he said.

The new product's MediaLink feature automates the management of content across local and wide area networks, ensuring media files are current and consistent. Adaptive Media said MediaLink allows organizations to recoup their investment in streaming media technology by simplifying content storage, delivery and access.

The latest version also allows network administrators to adjust the product's maximum bandwidth to ensure networks aren't saturated during peak usage hours.