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MCI WorldCom Advanced Networks Debuts VPN For Windows NT

MCI WorldCom Advanced Networks Tuesday launched SafeReach NT VPN, a managed Internet-based virtual private networking (VPN) service for intranets.

The I-VPN service enables remote users to securely connect to corporate intranets through client-based tunneling and encryption between the end-users' personal computers and the corporate site. SafeReach NT runs on MCI WorldCom Advanced Networks' global Internet Protocol (IP) network at higher speeds, greater scalability and cost efficiently.

SafeReach NT uses Microsoft's Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) technology for point-and-click usage of MCI WorldCom Advanced Networks' client dialer, eliminating the need for wide-scale client software deployment is not necessary.

The solution is aimed at companies needing greater performance, reliability and higher speed access from Internet-based VPN solutions. SafeReach NT is available through local access in 114 countries.

"SafeReach NT is our first I-VPN solution for NT enterprises," said Dennis Brouwer, vice president, product marketing, MCI WorldCom Advanced Networks.

"Based on our corporate customers' demand for Internet-based solutions, we are leveraging Microsoft's PPTP tunneling and MPPE encryption technologies for securely conducting business over the Internet. We will migrate to L2TP, the converged tunneling standard and IPSec when they are fully-developed."

SafeReach NT is one of seven fully managed VPN offerings from MCI WorldCom Advanced Networks that includes SafeReach IP, SafeReach Dedicated, World VPN, NT Link, WinFrame For MCI WorldCom Advanced Networks, IP Link/IP Link Plus and OC://WebConnect Pro.