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Novell Integrates Intranet Databases

Novell Inc. Thursday released Novell SQL Integrator, a database application designed to allow seamless data access across corporate networks.

SQL Integrator leverages the power of NetWare, Novell's server operating system that works in tandem with Novell Directory Services, allowing efficient network management, Internet integration and security.

Jason Werner, product and marketing manager for SQL Integrator, said SQL Integrator enables users to be more productive by giving them quick access to information regardless of the environment on which it is stored.

"As more organizations implement and rely on enterprise-wide intranets and extranets, databases that track a wide range of information are becoming more important. The increase in available data is useless without an effective way to access and synthesize vast amounts of information...," he said.

Novell said the abilty to share data across multiple platforms allows customers to be more productive, saving them time and money.

Pricing information is available through Novell's resellers and distributors.