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CyberGuard Firewall Certifiably Secure

CyberGuard Corp., Monday announced that the current versions of its firewall have been officially certified to the E3 level of assurance in accordance with the European Information Technology Security Evaluation Criteria (ITSEC).

A standard recognized internationally, ITSEC certification rates the level of trust of IT security products. Many European governments, including the U.K., require E3 status for systems that process restricted material.

To achieve an E3 rating, evaluators assess and understand all elements of the product, and perform detailed penetration testing to guarantee a level of confidence in the product's security.

The versions achieving the certificates are CyberGuard Firewall for UnixWare 4.1 and CyberGuard Firewall for Windows NT 4.1.

The European E3 rating is comparable to a B1 rating in the United States, said Tim Moore, deputy head of the U.K. IT Security Evaluation and Certification Scheme.

"To achieve ITSEC E3 certification... requires extensive analysis and months of rigorous testing," he said. "It has become the level of security demanded by governments and large commercial organizations for Internet firewalls protecting their networks."

This latest certification continues the E3 rating the CyberGuard Firewall received in 1997, said Tommy Steele, president and chief operating officer of CyberGuard.

"CyberGuard has maintained the E3 certification of its Unix-based solution, and we've matched that achievement with an E3 firewall for the Windows NT environment, he said.

"End-users worldwide look upon third-party evaluations like the ITSEC certification as benchmarks with which they can evaluate the strength of the IT security products they purchase."