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Netigy, Genuity Reach Enterprise Pact

Netigy Corp. and Genuity Inc. Thursday paired to market consulting and e-business infrastructure in a three-year alliance targeting enterprises.

Consistent with Genuity's ePartner strategy, Netigy will develop and implement services built around Genuity's portfolio of specifically virtual private networks managed network security, and bundled intranet and extranet solutions.

Genuity and Netigy claim to have demonstrated technological leadership in the security field, and that the solutions will enable customers to benefit from the combined experience of the two companies.

For enterprises, the alliance means quicker time-to-market and more comprehensive solutions for their e-business objectives. Genuity specializes in delivering solutions based on managed intranet and extranet infrastructures vital to e-business, while Netigy provides professional consulting services to ensure the solutions perform optimally and securely.

Gary B. Moore, Netigy president and chief executive officer, called the combination "much needed for e-business."

"Genuity brings crucial Internet services and the underlying technology required to run them; Netigy ensures that the move from legacy to new infrastructure moves swiftly, safely, and flawlessly. It's a great opportunity for our clients to achieve e-business productivity sooner.

Genuity, the former Internet business of GTE Corp, went public in June. The spin-off was originally called BBN and it helped design and implement Arpanet, considered the precursor to the Internet in 1969.

Verizon Communications holds a 9.5 percent interest in Genuity and has an option to convert that interest into about an 80 percent stake once it wins approval to provide long-distance service over more than 95 percent of the former Bell Atlantic's access lines.