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VPNet Technologies Upgrades Gateways

Virtual private network purveyor VPNet Technologies Inc. Monday upgraded its prized line of VSU ™VPN gateways in response to demand for enhanced performance from service provider clients.

Following the recent release of the VSU-100 small office VPN gateway, the VSU-2000, VSU-5000 and VSU-7500 models have been introduced to replace the VSU-1010E, VSU-1100 and VSU-1200 respectively.

These souped up VSU models house more encryption processing power, additional memory, unique features and redesigned packaging enabling scalable deployment within data center environments. What's more, VPNet is staying on the good side of its customers by offering the upgrades with the same starting costs of their predecessors.

President and Chief Executive Officer of VPNet J.P. Patty said the rising popularity of VPNs has forced his firm to stay ahead of the learning curve to keep rivals at arm's length.

Among the key changes featured in the new models is stronger encryption capability, from DES (56 bit) to Triple DES (168 bit) via a numeric code entered into VPNet's VPNmanager™ management software, a move made possible by U.S.'s easing up on encryption laws in the past year.

VPN gateways are a key element of VPNet's VPNware System, which includes the VPNmanager 3.0 and VPNremote(TM) Client 3.0. The VPNmanager gives customers the ability to manage intranet, extranet, remote access and application-hosting VPNs with a level of granular control previously unavailable.

The VPNremote Client reduces the complications faced by remote users and easing the burden security administrators face when distributing, configuring, and managing a remote-access VPN solution.

The VSU-2000 is priced at $4,995 and is available immediately. The VSU-5000 is priced at $17,995 and the VSU-7500 at $29,995, both the VSU-5000 and VSU-7500 will ship within 30 days.

"Both the ongoing evolution of first-tier product capabilities and highly competitive pricing continue to enhance VPNet's position in the recently consolidated VPN solutions market," Ron Westfall, analyst for Current Analysis Inc.

Founded in October 1995, VPNet Technologies is the first company formed with a singular focus on VPNs and is the leading provider of VPN solutions to service providers and enterprises.