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Remedy Looks to Cure Firms' Lethargy

Remedy Corp. Tuesday introduced its latest shot-in-the-arm for companies looking to speed their move to the Web with an application that adds new Web authoring capabilities and supports thousands of concurrent users through a single server.

Remedy's ARWeb® 4.0 provides access to applications across a company's intranet or via the Internet, but more importantly it . increases the speed at which Remedy applications can be deployed across an enterprise.

Companies sector-wide are searching for the latest high-performance app. With ARWeb, Remedy thinks it can deliver; the new tool features a DHTML-based interface served up by Java Server Pages.

The familiar Web-browser interface reduces time and cost of application roll-out, and dismisses the need to train users to use it. Because it does not tax the network as much as other apps, ARWeb 4.0 is perfectly safe for access over intranets.

Remedy administrators also gain added flexibility with the new authoring capabilities because they can employ HTML editors, such as Microsoft Front Page™, to modify Remedy ARWeb pages.

Remedy ARWeb 4.0 supports Microsoft IIS, IPlanet, and now -- Apache.

"At Oracle, we have found many successful ways to boost productivity with Remedy AR System™," said Gary Roberts, vice president Americas IT, Oracle Corp. "With more than 40,000 employees in more than 50 countries, Oracle uses Remedy's system to keep us in touch with employee needs and speed resolution of their problems."

Remedy said estimates show that enterprise applications, on average, take more than nine long months to implement, but the firm desires to beat rivals by getting such apps rolling faster.