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Firm Taps AT&T to Bring Truckers Data

Already a transportation firm that employs a fair share of technology to get things from point A to point B, Landstar System Inc. Friday tapped AT&T Wireless Services for wireless Internet phone service to their intranet.

Through AT&T's Digital PocketNet service, Landstar's 7,100 business capacity owners, independent contractors who supply the company with the equipment used to haul freight, will now access Landstar's intranet Web site to choose freight and make other business decisions from Web-enabled phones.

Those who have tried it said the service helps them better manage their time on the road.

"It's great when you can't use your laptop," said Linda Kennedy, a Landstar BCO who has been a professional truck operator for more than 20 years. "I can find freight and get specific directions while we're unloading, so it saves us money in terms of time and fuel."

As a transportation firm, Landstar was one of the first in its class to utilize Internet technology to post available freight, providing access to information to its business capacity owners right -- to their trucks. As it does for many of AT&T' Wireless' 12.5 million customers, the Digital PocketNet service gives unlimited access to Landstar's corporate databases, schedules, e-mail and contact information from the screen of their wireless phones.

"AT&T Digital PocketNet service is a natural fit for us because it enables them to cost-effectively conduct business on the road," said Landstar Chairman, President and CEO Jeff Crowe.

Once hooked up, the total cost for the AT&T Digital PocketNet service 2000-Gateway rate plan tops out at $14.99 per month.