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IntraNet Solutions Adds Web Development to the Mix

Continuing its streak of product innovation fanfare, IntraNet Solutions Inc. (INRS) Wednesday introduced new technology from their recently-acquired information exchange for Web developers to clamor over.

Courtesy of Inso Corp.'s Information Exchange Division, which INRS snapped up last July, Outside In® Version 6.1 lets those in the industry convert and access unstructured business content by all types of clients and applications, including wireless.

New capabilities for Outside In 6.1 include support for WML Export on Red Hat Linux, Solaris, HP/UX and AIX Unixenvironments; printing functionality on Linux for the Outside In Viewing API; full format support for Visio 5 and Visio 2000; and format support for Progressive JPEG and Japanese PDF.

"IntraNet Solutions' developer technologies play a critical role in our system by giving us access and rendering capability for over two hundred types of file formats," Mark Myers, director of product marketing for Excalibur Technologies. "Without these components, our solution would be incomplete."

Continuing to evolve for the last 10 years, Outside In supports text extraction, file viewing, printing and copy/paste functionality for more than 225 different file formats including word processing, spreadsheet, database, presentation, graphics and archive data types.

"Building on this foundation, the technology will continue to evolve to meet the increasing demands of these markets, expanding into new areas such as XML applications and mobile and wireless systems,'' Scott Norder, president of the Information Exchange Division of IntraNet Solutions.

What Norder said seems to be par for the course for INRS, who just last week joined the Organization for Structured Information Standards, a dedicated Extensible Markup Language (XML) interoperability consortium. The move will give INRS a greater voice in defining XML standards, which is important for providers of secure content.

For product and licensing information, those interested can visit the information exchange division of Inso Corp.

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