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Open Text Launches Search Site for Businesses

Open Text Corporation introduced today Livelink Pinstripe, a Web search engine designed specifically to meet the needs of business users.

Livelink Pinstripe returns highly focused search results, indexing only Web pages that are pertinent to business users.

While it is available free to anyone with Web access, Livelink Pinstripe is also integrated with the next version of Open Text's collaborative management system, Livelink Intranet (scheduled for release in mid-1998).

Pinstripe crawls over a million pages a day and automatically refreshes its databases more than twice as often as most search engines.

The Open Text Livelink search engine that powers Livelink Pinstripe is able to treat the pages in the index as if they were divided into separate categories, or slices. The result is that users can search a specific industry segment for the information they need, without having to sift through irrelevant hits.

Searches can be performed on 150 precategorized groupings. For those who prefer simplified searching across multiple databases, the Quick Search form can be used. Lastly, for more complex queries, the Power Search form can be used.

In addition to offering extensive search capabilities, Livelink Pinstripe also aggregates additional business content, including information from such partners as Forbes, Deja News, Net-Temps, and WhoWhere.