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Plumtree Ships Massively Parallel Portal

Plumtree Software Monday unveiled the fourth version of its corporate portal with a special bonus -- a new, patent-pending Massively Parallel Portal Engine that processes requests for information from a wide variety of computers in parallel.

The result is that customers will benefit from added scalability and performance. Plumtree Corporate Portal 4.0 powers a network of more than 100 customers, 25 technology alliance members and 50 systems integrators to share information and services between portals and with other platforms and devices.

The Massively Parallel portal integrates these resources as Plumtree Portal Gadgets™, distributed portal components that embed key information and services from enterprise applications and Internet sites. Designed to support global deployments with hundreds of thousands of users requesting information and services from thousands of sources, the Massively Parallel Portal Engine integrates gadgets operating on separate computers, which simultaneously prepare information or services to embed in each user's portal page.

This approach is highly scalable because it divides the preparation of a potentially large number of services among a large number of computers. How does this work? If you take a gadget for listing e-mail messages that takes one second to prepare, an inventory report gadget that takes one second to prepare and an industry news gadget that takes one second to prepare, the Massively Parallel Portal Engine assembles the page in approximately one second, instead of three.

Delphi Group Research Director Hadley Reynolds told InternetNews.com Monday that the industry will continue to see all of the leading portal software firms come up with solutions to reach more users more quickly.

"Firms trying to host all portal servers within syndication is definitely coming to the fore among Epicentric and a number of others," Reynolds. "The idea of providing a peer-to-peer processing support so that you're pushing portal services out to external resources is growing increasingly popular with companies."

"Improvements in portal frameworks, architecture, and deployment such as this enable the portal to be more than just a 'pretty face,' providing contextually relevant content and application services on an enterprise basis," said David Yockelson, senior vice president & director, Meta Group.

Because the Massively Parallel Portal Engine communicates with gadgets via the HTTP standard, gadgets can be developed in a wide variety of programming environments, including ASP, PERL and J2EE, on a range of application servers, including Microsoft IIS, IBM WebSphere and Allaire ColdFusion, and on various platforms, including Windows 2000, UNIX and Linux.

Plumtree seems to be taking aim at industry leaders such as Epicentric Inc. with Monday's announcement and the firm's strategic partners, including ScreamingMedia, Microsoft, MicroStrategy and IBM.

The Plumtree Corporate Portal is generally available today and is licensed on a per-user basis.