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Enfish Tracker Pro Fights Information Overload

At the PC Expo trade show in New York this week, Enfish Technology demonstrated Enfish Tracker Pro, the company's "information tracker" that gives users a single location for all their information, no matter where it is stored.

Using patented DEXing technology, it automatically cross-references and links related information from many different sources, including a local hard disk, the Internet, and corporate intranet.

Louise Wannier, CEO and founder of Enfish Technology, said: "When email first became available, it made people more productive. When the Internet first gained popularity, it made us more informed. But now the flow of information has ramped up exponentially and it's more like an invasion. The only tools we have to deal with it are based on old technology and not capable of keeping up with the huge volume of information we now deal with in today's wired world."

Enfish Tracker Pro is designed to consolidate, cross-reference and link information across applications, including email, word processors, Web browsers, spreadsheets, personal databases, and presentations. It associates related information and organizes it into projects, topics and priorities.

The tool also combines the search capabilities of a personal search engine with the sorting capabilities of a database and the organizational structure of a file system.

A preview version of Enfish Tracker Pro will be available in August, and the final version will ship in September for Windows 95, 98 or NT at a list price of $79.95.