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New Report Distribution Tool For BusinessObjects

Profound Solutions introduced a new report distribution tool designed to allow users of its BusinessObjects tools to publish and access reports via the Internet.

Trailblazer manages multiple report versions, automatically expires old reports, and save corporations' money by minimizing remote access telephone charges, the company said.

"Trailblazer revolutionizes the delivery mechanism of information via the Internet or an organization's intra/extranet," said Tom Bailey, vice president of technology at Profound Solutions. "Critical business information is shared in native formats--we've eliminated the need to convert all content to HTML prior to publishing."

The tool uses what the vendor calls a "mini VPN" (Virtual Private Network) to connect remote users to corporate servers via dial-up local access. Until now, remote access was handled over 800 lines that can cost 30 cents a minute or more. Using the Windows Explorer interface, Trailblazer is made to make it easy for users to receive notification of a report's publication and to download and print it.

The company said that Trailblazer is easier to manage than a Web site. Departments can publish in their native format rather than using HTML. Navigation is easy--and the system highlights updated or new content.

For pricing information, please see the Profound Solutions Web site.