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Red-M Brings Bluetooth to Corporate Training

Bluetooth technology specialist Red-M Thursday partnered with a Swedish interactive training corporation to impart its short radio-wave technology on the education market in Europe.

The Madge Networks N.V. subsidiary inked an agreement with INSITE to bring workers training courses over a wireless connection, bringing increased speed and flexibility to their studies.

INSITE is one of Scandinavia's leading providers of interactive training and e-learning solutions for large service-oriented companies. Combined with the 1000AP access point, Red-M's 3000AS access server enables a Bluetooth-enabled network to be provided inside a building or public concourse for the delivery of next generation mobile services across many applications.

Bluetooth, heavily promoted by 3Com, Ericsson and IBM Corp., is short-range radio technology aimed at simplifying communications among Net devices and between devices and the Internet.

"Bluetooth is set to bring substantial benefits to the education market," Simon Gawne, vice president of marketing and business development at Red-M. "Red-M's products will allow INSITE to offer its customers all the benefits usually associated with interactive distance learning, now using a wireless Bluetooth connection."

Red-M's parent, Madge Networks N.V., builds Internet-centric network services and products and enterprise solutions. The company operates through three primary subsidiaries: Madge.web, a provider of applications and managed network services; Madge.connect, a supplier of product solutions for enterprise networks; and Red-M, a developer of wireless Internet server products that provide Internet and intranet access from mobile devices.

INSITE's customers include Bank of America, Berendsen and major car manufacturers Audi, Porsche and Volvo.