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InfoValue Serves Streaming Media to Intranets

InfoValue Computing this week began shipping version 4.0 of its flagship product QuickVideo OnDemand for Windows NT environments.

QVOD, which is now 100 percent compatible with any IP network and provides users with simultaneous access to high-quality videos. Requiring no special hardware, the latest version features enhanced speed and performance.

A component of the vendor's award-winning QuickVideo Suite, QVOD can record live video broadcasts by QuickVideo Multicast and then provide users with instant replay of the broadcast. It also offers intelligent video caching and streaming over intranets managed by the vendor's QuickVideo IntraWeb. It also acts as the video server for the vendor's QuickVideo Archive application, which archives video clips for instant browsing and playback.

"Organizations that are video-enabling their networks need a video server with the ability to step up and deliver the best possible experience for users, but bandwidth to the user has historically been a problem in many environments," said Christine Perey, principal of Perey Research and Consulting.

"By overcoming the throughput barriers with video streams over 300 megabits per second, InfoValue provides the broadband infrastructure to deliver true, studio-quality video. This kind of technology is especially important for smooth, high-resolution video and in applications where pixel loss compromises the viewer's goals."

InfoValue said that QVOD can be installed in five minutes on a server or client. Large installations can be automated with Microsoft's Software Management System (SMS) support. QVOD supports MPEG-1, MPEG-2, DVD, avi, QuickTime, and Motion-JPEG; and all existing applications, development tools, and management utilities.

A site license for QVOD 4.0 costs $2,000 plus $250 per seat.