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Spyglass, Tektronix Enable Drag-and-Drop Intranet Printing

Spyglass Inc. Tuesday signed an agreement with Tektronix Inc. to develop a customized printing application to allows Tektronix printers to print Web page files from a company's intranet.

The PhaserLink PDF Direct Printing application is designed to keep all information on an intranet, eliminating the need to download information to a local machine, Spyglass said. Users drag the hotlink for a PDF or PostScript file from the browser to the PhaserLink PDF Direct Printing desktop icon and it prints automatically.

"This provides unprecedented flexibility for intranet environments which use PDF or PostScript file formats to store, retrieve and print documents," said Jean Nassar, Tektronix's vice president of worldwide marketing.

"By working with Spyglass, we were able to focus on producing the highest quality printing products and moving the market to color printing, while they added value by producing customized solutions in intranet software."