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HotOffice Expands Web-Based Intranet Service

HotOffice Technologies Inc. Wednesday expanded its Web-based intranet service by targeting small businesses outside the United States.

The company said it decided to begin international sign-ups because of tremendous interest from businesses around the world.

"We've had enormous demand for HotOffice coming from international companies that want to share information and collaborate with colleagues both locally and globally using the Web as their network," said Cynthia Starr, HotOffice's senior director of sales.

"These users generally spend a lot of time on the road and have a need to get at their information from anywhere at anytime -- regardless of how they are connected to the Internet."

HotOffice's intranet-hosting services start at $12.95 a month. The company offers Web-based access to a variety of applications including e-mail, scheduling, document sharing, bulletin boards and online conference areas.