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Network-1 Announces International Partnerships

Network-1 Security Solutions Inc. Friday expanded its international presence by forming a new partnership program.

The program is aimed at system integrators around the world that support Network-1's CyberwallPLUS security products for intranets, extranets and Internet-based networks.

Network-1 hopes the program will better integrate marketing, sales and technology partnerships and expand the research of the company's network security products.

"The demand for robust, yet flexible, network security solutions spans all geographic markets. In an increasingly inter-connected global economy, the interest in fail-safe network security is growing exponentially," said Joseph Harris, Network-1's vice president of international sales.

Unlike traditional firewalls, which only work with the Internet Protocol, Network-1's cyberwalls can reside anywhere on the enterprise and can inspect, detect and protect data access for any network protocol.

Network-1 has established partners in Belgium, China, England, Germany, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan and Thailand.