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NetPhone Enters Intranet Market

NetPhone Inc. Monday expanded its telephony services to the intranet arena with enterprise versions of its Connect and IPBX telephony products.

NetPhone Connect and NetPhone IPBX are business telephony products made to direct inter-office calls to a corporate data network, entirely bypassing the public switched telephone network.

The company's original focus was on small to medium-sized businesses, through a partnership with IBM. Its entrance into the intranet market opens up its product to larger companies, according to Maurice Rodrigue, president and CEO of NetPhone, Inc.

"NetPhone's IP telephony enterprise product offering is uniquely positioned for the fast-growing enterprise telephony market," he said.

"We feel NetPhone's unequalled intelligent PSTN fallback technology provides the solution for larger enterprises that want to leverage their existing corporate intranets, without sacrificing PSTN reliability or phone call integrity."