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DJ Interactive Targets Asian Intranet Business

Content provider Dow Jones Interactive intends to expand its business among Asian companies with intranets.

"This year we are going to look very closely at customers that have intranets and provide intranet solutions for enterprise-wide needs of information companies," said Todd Slater, Dow Jones Interactive's director for Asia Pacific.

The Dow Jones company has a strong position in the area of Web-based paid-for information products but it is looking to diversify itself into the Intranet market

"Companies are still discovering how to utilize their Intranets for profit. But it's coming. You see more and more company's building Intranets. They are asking the right questions," Slater told InternetNews. "We will develop very specific and tailor made products for companies information needs."

Dow Jones already provides such Intranet toolkits to global companies like Microsoft and Hewlett Packard and localizes some content for their overseas offices.

Slater said that Dow Jones hopes to sign up more Asian-based corporations as they discover and adopt intranets.

The content manager provides localized market intelligence in various core subjects including consumer goods, chemical industry, media and entertainment, aerospace and transportation, telecommunications, automotive industry, and financial services.

In regard to the competition between paid-for-content and free content on the Web, Slater said, "There are differences in the quality of journalism. People want to know that information is accurate. There is still a need for paid information."