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Dataware Technologies Debuts Knowledge Query Server 2.0

Dataware Technologies, Inc. Tuesday released its Dataware II Knowledge Query Server 2.0, an information retrieval solution designed to seamlessly integrate databases with corporate intranets.

The server is intended to allow users to query multiple information repositories simultaneously, including internal and external Web-based resources such as databases, document management systems and intranets. It combs multiple intranet-based corporate resources and examines internal and external Web-based sources at the same time.

To perform its queries, the server uses the latest search engines, including AltaVista, Northern Light, HotBot, Excite, Infoseek, Lycos, Magellan, WebCrawler and DejaNews.

"We've worked directly with customers to ensure Knowledge Query Server 2.0 is a product that deploys easily and works seamlessly within corporate intranets," said Fredric Gluck, vice president of marketing at Dataware Technologies, Inc.

"Knowledge Query Server 2.0 is more powerful and easier to implement with graphical configuration wizards for customized installations and greater end-user control."

Dataware II Knowledge Query Server 2.0 is available immediately from Dataware for Windows NT 4.0 or higher and for Sun Solaris 2.5 or higher. Pricing begins at $9,500, which includes 500 end-user licenses.