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IntraNet Solutions Launches Intra.doc! Developer's Kit

IntraNet Solutions, Inc. Monday debuted its Intra.doc! Developer's Kit which is designed to help organizations more easily customize its management system, Intra.doc!, on an intranet, extranet or the Internet.

Intra.doc! is a management system that provides centralized security models, archive/replication and search capabilities which enable workgroup-to-enterprise knowledge sharing.

The IDK is made to help organizations get a customized Intra.doc! system up and running quickly using ActiveX or command line interfaces, a scripting language and a "component" wizard. It also helps organizations customize Intra.doc! system "components," such as GUIs and various functionality, that can be turned on and off for simple trouble-shooting, testing and updating.

"We've migrated Intra.doc!'s inherent, easy-to-use functionality and flexible architecture into the design of our Developer's Kit so that organizations can easily customize the look and feel of their Web sites or corporate portals," said Vern Hanzlik, vice president of product marketing at IntraNet Solutions, Inc.

"Our customers still want an out-of-the-box, Web-based system that easily scales to the enterprise, but with additional customization capabilities to create a single point of access and navigation to information."

The Intra.doc! Developers Kit starts at $3,500 and is sold as an optional module to the Intra.doc! Management System for Windows NT and Sun Solaris environments, which starts at $18,000 for a five-user contributor system with unlimited consumers.