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Dow Jones Plays Portal Game

Dow Jones & Co. became the Net's latest portal player Wednesday by evolving dowjones.com from a corporate Web site to a destination aimed at business Web surfers.

The company will bring to the portal customized stock information and business resources, as well as news and search capabilities. Partners include The Wall Street Journal interactive edition and SmartMoney.com, which will be featured on the co-branded site.

Users may search the dowjones.com 2000, an index of more than 2,000 sites related to business users. The Dow Jones Publications Library is also accessible, with full-text articles priced at $2.95. Searches are powered by inktomi.

The site has so far received $3 million in sponsorships. Charter sponsors include Qwest, Equant, and Sun Microsystems. Fidelity Investments is the advertiser sponsoring the investment portfolio and e-commerce arrangements have been struck with Amazon.com, OnVia for office products and services, and Gumps.com for executive gifts.

"We're proud to bring businesspeople on the Web a trusted source of reliable information to help them gain a competitive edge with timely news and outstanding search resources," said Jessica Perry, general manager of dowjones.com.

"Businesspeople who want to use the Web in a more informed and efficient way will find dowjones.com a superior destination. There's a huge landscape of scattered, Web-based business information; dowjones.com brings to it a new centrality and utility."