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Activate.net Receives SEC Approval for Streaming Media Roadshows

Activate.net announced Tuesday that its Activate Roadshow Service has met Securities and Exchange Commission guidelines for transmitting financial information.

The Activate Roadshow provides a password-protected, user-controlled "live" presentation over the Internet, which reduces the number of markets that chief executive officers need to physically reach in seeking funding, saving time and money.

Activate.net is the only streaming media company to have a letter from the SEC permitting both the live transmissions and text interactivity of regulated data.

Activate.net's Roadshow, part of ActiveIR Services, provides real-time transmission, allowing viewers to electronically submit questions that can be answered during the broadcast. The Roadshow is one of nine product offerings Activate.net announced Tuesday as part of its ActiveIR Services, developed to meet the needs of companies making financial announcements.

The other ActiveIR Services products are Analyst Conference, Analyst Audio/Slide Presentation, Analyst Audio/Video Presentation, Special Announcement, Shareholder Meeting, Analyst Conference Call, and Investment Conference.