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Lycos, Equifax Launch Co-Branded Finance Site

Lycos Inc. and leading online financial data provider Equifax Inc. Wednesday launched a co-branded Web site that provides clients online access to credit information and other financial products and services.

Through Equifax-branded integrated text links on Lycos' (LCOS) business, careers, auto, real estate and investing Web guides and the LYCOShop online shopping destination, consumers can order online products and services from Equifax (EFX), including Equifax Sentinel, Equifax Credit Profile and Equifax Millennium Monitor.

Features of these services include:

  • Equifax Credit Profile, a new online product that enables consumers to enhance their buying power by viewing the information that businesses, banks and employers use to make credit and employment decisions
  • Equifax Sentinel, a new online credit monitoring service that will inform consumers via a quarterly update if any new account, address, inquiry, public record or collection information is posted to their credit profile
  • Equifax Millennium Monitor, a new service that helps consumers prepare for the new millennium by allowing them to order a printed copy of their Equifax Credit Profile as of early December and then receive a second copy by mid-February, reflecting the latest activity reported in the file

"The Equifax/Lycos co-branded Web site gives consumers secure online access to their most sensitive information to help them plan for major life events such as financing a mortgage, buying a car, applying for a loan or retirement," said Jeff Dodge, Equifax senior vice president of consumer services.