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JagNotes.com Announces Webcasting Project

JagNotes.com Inc. Wednesday announced plans to Webcast its financial content through its domestic and international Web sites.

The Webcasting project will be deployed in phases, the first of which will involve the delivery of reports from many of the company's U.S. commentators in streaming audio/video formats. The second phase of the project will involve the production and Webcasting of original, live financial programming that will focus on breaking financial news and market-moving information geared toward the online investor.

The final stage will involve the implementation of both strategies on the company's Euro site, as well as on its soon-to-be launched Latin American site and Asian site.

In connection with the yet-to-be-named financial Webcast, the company has entered into agreements with Jack Reilly, former vice president of CNBC Business News, and Peter Barnes, former CNBC Business News reporter. Reilly will serve as executive vice president of programming, and Barnes will serve as morning anchor, as well as having executive duties for the project. Kate Bohner, currently a member of the JagNotes News team and also formerly of CNBC, has entered into a new agreement with JagNotes.com, which expands her role to include anchoring duties for the Webcast.