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billserv.com Launches an EBPP Portal

Electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP) service billserv.com Inc. launched bills.com, an Internet portal and personal bill management service that lets consumers pay all their bills online.

At launch, the company is offering consumers free bill payment services for six months.

"We've developed bills.com to be the ultimate consumer portal for bill paying, enabling consumers to pay all of their bills electronically from any computer connected to the Internet," said David Jones, president of bills.com and co-founder of billserv.com.

bills.com also offers a variety of financial and investment information provided by InfoSpace.com, including stock quotes, market indices, company profiles, SEC filings, financial message boards and insurance quotes. bills.com will integrate the front-end bill payment technology from CheckFree, a billserv.com partner.

Separately, billserv.com signed a two-year exclusive agreement with Chevron to develop an EBPP system enabling Chevron's 6.9 million retail customers to receive and pay their gasoline bills online.

For Chevron, billserv.com said it will implement an aggregator billing model, enabling Chevron customers to pay their monthly gasoline bill at virtually any Internet billing Web site.

Financial arrangements between the companies were not disclosed.

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