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Network Solutions Invests in MyComputer.com

Domain name registrar Network Solutions Inc. made an unspecified investment that it described as "significant" in MyComputer.com, an application service provider for tools used by Webmasters.

The two companies said they will develop "the dot com dashboard," a co-branded, integrated solution to enable Network Solutions' customers to manage their Internet domain names. Additionally, both companies will market and promote each other's services.

MyComputer.com said it has more than 650,000 customers, from first-time Web site builders to businesses seeking a professional suite of tools to manage their sites.

"Our agreements with MyComputer.com dramatically step up our Internet identity services for customers and partners alike," said Jim Rutt, chief executive officer of Network Solutions (NSOL). "Through this collaboration, we can provide robust tools throughout the lifecycle of a domain name customer."

The dot com dashboard being developed is a remotely-hosted, co-branded "command console" that will enable Network Solutions' customers to register, manage, market and monitor their domain names from a single point on the Web. The product will offer applications from MyComputer.com, including SuperStats.com for traffic and visitor analysis, WatchDog.com for 24-hour site performance monitoring, BoardServer.com for customized online message boards, SiteMiner.com search capabilities and ad serving technology.

Beginning next month, MyComputer.com will offer Network Solutions' domain name registration and other value added services at its site, including the "biz card" one-page Web site service, NSI's ImageCafe Web site design tools, the dot com essentials Internet starter kit, country-code registration services, the dot com directory find engine, and the dot com mail Web-based e-mail service.