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Deloitte Re-Launches Financial Web Site

Deloitte Consulting, a division of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, today unveiled its revamped financial Web site, Peerscape.com.

According to the company, the new site allows users to review analyses of 19,000 companies in 49 countries, access profile comparisons by company or industry, and measure industry composite or market indices against performance measures.

"There is no such thing as a 'pure play' when it comes to valuing global companies. As companies integrate both vertically and horizontally across industries, they can no longer base their performance on benchmarks specific to one industry," said Marc Schwarz, regional managing director, Deloitte Consulting.

"They must now plan and project based on a whole host of criteria they have not had access to in the past--what their financial peers are doing, what comparable companies in other countries and regulatory environments are doing, and how past benchmarks have performed over time."

Peerscape.com was first unveiled in 1996, but concentrated exclusively on coverage of U.S. companies.

New site features now include:

  • 120 screening variables within 46 industries and 49 market indices over multiple time frames in 49 currencies that provide historical and global contexts.
  • Customization of peer and industry groups allowing competitive comparisons.
  • Global industry group analysis featuring market shifts and trends.
  • Interactive screening tools and detailed financial, operational and shareholder value reports.
  • Reports that can be downloaded to Excel.
  • Data analysis licensed from Primark's Disclosure and Worldscope databases.

"PeerScape provides a clearly objective comparison of a company's performance versus peers, industry medians and broad market indices over selected periods up to ten years," said Schwarz. "It adds significant insight into events such as mergers and acquisitions, re-engineering, restructuring or management changes, enabling companies to anticipate the impact of global strategic and operational decisions and events on shareholder returns."