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AOL Makes Deal to Boost E-Commerce

Looking to increase its already successful online shopping business, America Online Inc. Wednesday acquired PersonaLogic, maker of personalized, interactive consumer buying guides.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

PersonaLogic's technology is designed to allow AOL members to create personalized profiles. The service will then use a customized list of best matches and links to let buyers make comparisons and get more information on a product.

The guides cover a variety of topics including automobiles, bicycles, cruises, mutual funds, computers, colleges, cities, camcorders and pets, among others.

AOL will make PersonaLogic's decision-guide technology available on all its properties, including its own Web sites Digital City, CompuServe and AOL's international services.

AOL said it will continue to develop PersonaLogic technology and work toward making it compatible with search engines and other electronic commerce tools. It will also work to develop new e-commerce applications to enhance revenue.

"PersonaLogic's decision-guide technology will be a great addition to our electronic commerce efforts and will make AOL even more convenient and easier to use across a broad range of topics," said Bob Pittman, AOL's president and chief operating officer.

"Members will be able to quickly and easily get personalized recommendations, make head-to-head comparisons and access additional information about a wide variety of products and services. Not only are PersonaLogic decision guides useful in making major purchasing decisions, but they are also fun to use."

PersonaLogic's guides have been used by rival community site, Lycos, since this past June.

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