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FCC Defers on Net Neutrality Amid Industry Talks

The debate over network neutrality continues to rage in Washington, with industry stakeholders conducting negotiations in an effort to craft a compromise. In the meantime, the Federal Communications Commission has an open proceeding that would set rules to preserve the open Internet, but in a politically charged environment, the agency isn't looking to press the issue.

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski announced on Wednesday that he is seeking comment from the public on the application of net neutrality rules to wireless networks and how much of a carve-out the agency should give ISPs to offer managed services. Enterprise Networking Planet takes a look.

The Federal Communications Commission is delaying consideration of a controversial proposal to enact open Internet rules, today announcing that it will seek additional comments from stakeholders on two of the most contentious aspects of the network neutrality debate.

Meanwhile, however, indications are mounting that tech and telecom industry insiders have been having their own discussions -- and are close to delivering their own proposal for how the FCC should approach net neutrality.

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