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AMD Sets May Date for Mobile 'Danube' CPUs

The market shift away from desktop PCs in favor of laptops has benefited Intel very nicely, because Intel was first to the mobility market and has made a significant investment in its mobile platform, called Centrino.

AMD, its scrappy competitor in the microprocessor market, has finally gotten serious about mobility and is increasing its efforts in the mobile space. The next generation, codenamed 'Danube,' will come in a dozen different forms next spring. Hardware Central has the details.

In May of next year, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) will make its biggest mobile push to date with the release of "Danube," a new generation of notebook processors featuring a newer core technology, a new chipset, and choices spanning from single- to quad-core.

AMD (NYSE: AMD) has disclosed some details on Danube, but the hobbyist site XBitLabs.com picked up some further information on things like the core structure, as well as speeds and feeds.

AMD declined to comment on rumors and speculation.

AMD has lagged behind Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) in its support for the mobile sector, only recently hitting the market with something to counter its rival's highly successful Centrino platform.

It made its first real effort with "Puma" in early 2008, followed by "Yukon," "Congo," and "Tigris," with "Congo" aimed at the ultraportable, low-voltage market. These platforms always featured a few processors, a chipset, and graphics.

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