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Psystar Giving Up Mac in Favor of Linux

Psystar's legal battles with Apple have been well documented. The Mac clone maker is now quitting that David v. Goliath battle, and turning over a new leaf. Hardware Central has the story on where Psystar's headed next.

Mac clone maker Psystar is retrenching after succumbing to a barrage of copyright litigation brought by Apple, abandoning its Mac offerings in favor of a move toward Linux systems.

The company said it has given up in the last battle in its prolonged fight with Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL), removing a software product that assisted in installing Mac OS X on a PC.

In addition to selling generic PCs with Mac OS X installed, Psystar had released a software product called Rebel EFI that would examine a bare-bones system, determine if Mac OS X would install properly, and recommend third-party drivers if they were available.

The product got mostly poor reviews, and was slammed for its high price ($90, with an introductory price of $50).

Because Rebel EFI came out after Psystar had begun selling its "Hackintosh" PCs, it was not included in Apple's copyright infringement filing. Apple trounced Psystar on the copyright violations, but Rebel EFI was excluded because of the timing of the litigation.

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