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Kemp Targets SMB Hosts With Load Balancer

For hosting providers, load management is a balancing act. With a new virtualized load-balancing offering, Kemp Technologies thinks it's got the answer. Server Watch has the story.

Kemp Technologies has launched a new virtual-appliance application delivery controller called Virtual LoadMaster, which handles load balancing for managed service and hosting providers.

Through better load balancing of both physical and virtual servers, MSPs and MHPs can reduce or eliminate the amount of hardware needed and better maintain costs associated with power consumption, cooling, rack space constraints and other environmental dependencies of hardware-based appliances.

The Virtual LoadMaster is specifically for MSPs and MHPs aimed at the SMB world. Initially, hosted and managed services were only for the enterprise/large customers, but as hardware and bandwidth became a commodity, that trickled down to smaller businesses. But hosts serving that market encountered the same problems as enterprises; load balancing issues.

"It made sense for a lot of businesses to outsource hosting of Web-facing apps to managed and hosting service providers. But there are thousands of them of various sizes and shapes and target markets and those in turn have thousands of customers. So there was a need for load balancing," Peter Melerud, vice president of product development at Kemp Technologies told InternetNews.com.

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