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UltraDNS Gets Back To Basics

Internet directory infrastructure services provider UltraDNS Thursday began offering its new BasicDNS Service for $1 per month for a limited time.

The San Mateo-based company said it is targeting the new service to individuals and small businesses that need Internet connections that improve the resolution of Domain Name System (DNS) queries.

The company said the cost of the service includes functionality of the UltraDNS web-based user interface. Customers will also receive free email support, 5-minute propagation of DNS changes, user controlled time to live (TTL) settings down to 1 hour.

In addition, customers may chose to upgrade BasicDNS Service by adding url and/or e-mail forwarding. And just to ruffle the feathers of the competition, UltraDNS said current customers of other outsourced DNS providers can receive six months free when transferring from an alternate DNS provider, such as ZoneEdit, at support@ultradns.com.

UltraDNS even took potshots at Berkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND) freeware claiming its stats show BIND is the number one security risk on the Internet because it has known security vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers.

Instead, UltraDNS says its network is built on a fully redundant, carrier class infrastructure that improves site uptime for all types of domain owners. The BasicDNS Service is UltraDNS' way of protecting the foundation layer of the Internet by eliminating serious economic and security vulnerabilities inherent in BIND.

"Historically, large enterprises have been the primary beneficiaries of robust, outsourced infrastructure solutions," said Ray Stephens, vice president of marketing at UltraDNS. "Our BasicDNS Service delivers unmatched managed DNS infrastructure at an aggressive price point to those small and medium enterprises who previously could not afford a truly secure solution and therefore suffered from the manageability headaches and vulnerabilities of traditional DNS offerings."

The company's customer list includes the likes of Oracle , MSN Hotmail , Forbes.com, Corio, and Handspring .