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ITXC Gets Vo-IP Call Management Patent

Voice-over Internet Protocol (Vo-IP) wholesaler ITXC has received a patent that covers monitoring, evaluating and managing voice quality in data network-based telephony networks.

With the patent win, the New Jersey-based ITXC said it would accelerate technological improvements in the way telephony services are routed and managed over Web-based IP networks.

With the telco giants swiftly integrating Vo-IP networks into their traditional telephone services, the ability to quickly detect problems such as congestion and re-route calls over the Internet are key to building out reliable networks. The company said both aspects of its network management products are covered under U.S Patent number 6,404,864 B1.

"This rerouting can take place even in mid-call without manual intervention and is undetectable by the caller. Many aspects of the inventions described in the patent are already implemented in ITXC's network worldwide including the company's BestValue Routing technology and help ITXC achieve tier 1 quality over the public Internet," the company said.

It said the patent win helps to legitimize its technological advances in Internet telephony. More importantly, it gives ITXC a leg up on competitors like Net2Phone and Deltathree . "(It) gives ITXC the right to prevent any other entity from utilizing the methods and systems covered by the patent, even if developed completely independently," the company said.

"Sending voice over the public Internet requires the use of a highly managed overlay network. Without careful management, voice quality is not predictable and is often unacceptable. ITXC has, therefore, developed highly sophisticated policies, procedures, and technology for controlling voice quality," it added.

The company said other patent wins cover some aspects of call-routing technology as well as various other voice over IP capabilities.