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Shockwave Goes Realtime Multiuser with RTIME

RTIME today announced the immediate availability of its high performance, networking engine for Macromedia's Shockwave.

With the combination of Shockwave and RTIME, Web media properties and e-commerce companies can rapidly deliver new classes of interactive applications that span entertainment, advertainment, education, distance learning, community, and multiplayer games allowing users all over the world to interact in realtime.

The increased stickiness offered through interactive Shockwave applications provides sites with competitive differentiation to drive membership and online usage.

"Shockwave offers the visuals that draw the users in, and RTIME provides the user interaction that keeps them captive. Providing an ongoing stream of RTIME-enabled Shockwave content is integral to our user acquisition and retention strategy," said Ike K. Lee, Chairman & CEO of ipopcorn.com, the leading destination site for Asian youth.

RTIME for Shockwave is built on top of RTIME's high performance networking platform, which runs on standard servers running Linux, Irix, Solaris, Window NT operating systems.

Each server can support hundreds of simultaneous users located anywhere on the Internet. On the client-side, Shockwave developers use a customized Macromedia Xtra that plugs in to Microsoft's Internet Explorer and AOL's Netscape Navigator browsers.

This RTIME for Shockwave plug-in communicates with RTIME's servers, which provide the realtime interaction between all active participants.

The Software Development Kit (SDK) with a 5-user server is free of charge, and is available now here. Included with the SDK is a documentation, tutorial, a sample application, and the source code to the sample application.

The product is packaged into four components:

  • -- RTIME Communications Engine, highly scalable client/server networking solution that provides realtime communications between users
  • -- RTIME Broadband Engine, which enables multiuser applications to transparently scale from 28K modems through to high speed, broadband access
  • -- RTIME Multimedia Engine, for bi-directional streaming of voice, music, video, graphics and advertisements
  • -- RTIME Cluster Engine, for multiuser environments supporting several thousands of participants interacting in the same shared environment