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Intel Tamper-Resistant Software Enhances Security

Intel Corp. this week introduced its Software Integrity System, a software solution designed to enhance the secure online distribution of premium digital content, such as music, video, documents and books.

Designed for developers of content distribution platforms, the Intel (INTC) Software Integrity System is distinguished by Intel's patented tamper-resistant software technology. The technology hides critical code, keys and other secrets from observation, and detects attempts to break security mechanisms.

The system is also capable of renewing the security mechanisms at intervals selected by the content distributors. Persistent content protection is assured from the time content is requested by users until it is rendered on PCs or loaded on dedicated media players such as portable music players or e-book readers.

The Intel Software Integrity System is a flexible solution. It can be used on distribution platforms for music, documents and video sent as both streaming and downloaded content. It supports a variety of content commerce models, including subscription, purchase and rental.

"With persistent, renewable and flexible protection, the Internet can become a more secure way for content providers to deliver premium content," said Ronald J. Whittier, senior vice president and general manager of Intel Content Services. "The Intel Software Integrity System will help give content providers greater confidence to expand the selection of digital goods they deliver over the Web."