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Vonage Strikes Two More E911 Deals

To comply with new regulations and reassure concerned customers, Vonage has struck deals to gain access to SBC's and BellSouth's enhanced 911 (E911) systems, the VoIP leader said today.

The announcements came just hours before the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) mandated that broadband telephony providers offer E911, which provides emergency dispatchers with a caller's location and callback number.

They also follow disturbing stories of Vonage customers reaching a recording rather than an operator when they dialed 911 during emergencies.

With the additions of SBC and BellSouth, Vonage now has E911 agreements with three of four Baby Bells. The Edison, N.J.-based company signed its first pact with Verizon earlier this month. It's apparently still hammering out the details of a pact with Qwest .

Almost two months ago, Vonage and SBC were butting heads over this issue.

"SBC and BellSouth have really come a long way over just a few short weeks -- we now have a good-faith agreement to get this done in the marketplace so all of our customers can get E911, regardless of what number they're calling from and where," Jeffrey A. Citron, Vonage CEO, said in a statement.