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An AOL Link to Your PC

AOL launched Link2PC, a premium service allowing users to remotely access their computers from any Internet-connected PC, according to a statement.

To share a computer, users download a program from Link2PC.com on up to two computers. Then, from any other internet-connected PC, the user visits the Link2PC.com web site to create a virtual desktop of their shared computers.

Link2PC is powered by WebEx Communications and MediaTone Network. The service costs $6.95 per month for up to two host computers.

Link2PC security measures include 128-bit end-to-end encryption through the WebEx MediaTone Network and two-level password and access code authentication for each computer. Users will allowed be able to lock the keyboard and hide the screen of the remotely accessed computer.

AOL is repositioning itself as a major portal for consumers.

This week, the company introduced the In2TV Streaming video service. In2TV provides broadband consumers with free full-length videos of classic television.

Earlier this year, the company announced a partnership to provide a customized portal for users of Sony's Vaio. The portal page will provide Vaio users with access to entertainment content, such as music, TV shows and videos.

And last May, the company launched free AIM.com e-mail, a Webmail service with 2GB of storage, a message search tool and spam and virus filters.