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CEO Predicts Globally Web-Linked Barter Companies

Steven White, president and CEO of International Barter Corp. (IBC), predicted that barter companies will soon be linking worldwide over the Internet to enable international barter operations.

He delivered a seminar entitled "Trading Beyond The Year 2000" at the National Association of Trade Exchanges (NATE) in New Orleans on Friday.

"There are two significant trends that are changing the face of retail barter," White said. "First, many of the 400 independent barter company owners in the US and Canada are now recognizing the benefits of consolidation. Second, the barter industry is learning to embrace and utilize the Internet, to capitalize on the predicted thousand per cent increase in goods and services sold via the Internet by 2001."

Already, barter companies are creating innovative Web sites and putting their client directories on the Web. They are soon expected to link to each other, thus expanding the regional availability of goods and services to the member businesses. The result, according to IBC, will be added revenue and profitability for all.

The forthcoming link-up of barter companies will cause "an explosion in the growth of retail barter, far exceeding industry forecasts," said White, adding that his company is poised to be one of the leaders of the revolution.

IBC offers barter services across the spectrum of retail, professional, corporate and media businesses. It is the parent company of Ubarter.com, an online, e-commerce site.